Author: Helen

English Lesson For Beginners

English For  Everyone!  Listen Pronunciate And Repeat Hi, everyone!  Reading short and easy stories will help you to improve your English. Make sure you start with a story at your own level.         Here We Go!  GOING TO THE ZOO She sees a lion. The lion roars. She sees an elephant. The elephant has a long trunk. She sees a turtle. The turtle is slow. She sees a rabbit. The rabbit has soft fur. She sees a gorilla. The gorilla is eating a banana. Translation:  Ella ve un leon. El leon ruge. Ella ve un elefante....

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Video lesson: Describing People

             This lesson teaches you how to describe an image.                       At the end of the videos, you will see a link to a Quiz. Click on the Quiz to download it.                                             Haz click en el Quiz para bajarlo. Quiz on Describing...

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The Fable / Una Fabula

                     The boy Who Cried Wolf!                      El niño que gritó lobo! A fable is a life lesson or a teaching that is learned from a story or  you can obtain it from an experience or event. It’s an advice, a teaching about life that serves you from day to day. Una fábula es una lección de vida o enseñanza que se aprende de una historia o, se puede obtener de una experiencia o evento. Es un consejo, enseñanza sobre...

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